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Local Transport From Airport To City

Barcelona airport, also known as El Prat Airport, is 13km south west of the city and easily accessible by bus, train, metro and taxi.

A quick and easy solution is to take the Aerobus, which runs from both terminal 1 (T1) and terminal 2 (T2). Tickets can be brought on the bus if you have cash (max 20 euro note) or there are ticket vending machines that take cards near the bus stop. The price is currently 5.90 Euro (one way). This service stops at 01:00 at night. It takes approximately 30 minutes to arrive in Barcelona, depending on traffic situations. There are stops at Pl. Universitat, Gran via Urgell, Pl. Espanya and finally Pl. Catalunya (all four stops give access to metro, different lines).

The cheapest (and slowest) option is the Renfe train running 5 minutes walk from terminal 2 (station Aeropuerto). The fare is 2,15 for single trip – but only 1 Euro, provided you get at T10 card – with ten fares – which is also good as you continue with metro. This train stops at Estacio Sants, Passaig de Gràcia and El Clot, from where you can continue with metro. There is an airport shuttle between T1 and T2.

The fastest and most expensive option is taxi. There are taxis outside both terminals and they also run all night. The fares are between 30-40 Euro depending on terminal and time of the day. The taxi ride to the city is 20-25 minutes depending on where you go and on traffic situation.

There is also a new orange Metro line from both airports, which will take you onto the rest of the metro net (see map below). The metro requires a special ticket (price is 4,5 Euro). You need to go to Metro station Torrasa to get onto the red metro line (single tickets 2,15 or buy a T10 (ten trips) or other cards to travel more often with metro). To get to the centre is appr. 50 minutes using this solution.

NB: When you return to the airport please be mindful of which terminal you need to go to, as there is quite a long transport time between the two terminals – you do not want to go to the wrong one.

Local Metro and Buses

Taking buses and metro in Barcelona is easy. The conference venue is near to <Metro> Arc de Triomp (red line) and the busline H16 stop.

All kinds of ticket can be purchased from metro stations (with card or cash). Some ‘Tabacs’ (tobacco shops) will also sell the so called T10 card. The options for tickets are single tickets (2,15) or one of the different cards on offer. Note that single ticket can also be brought on buses – but at the double of the normal price. If you intend to take quite a few metro trips while you stay in Barcelona, a T10 might be an option (10 fares for 9.95). This card can also be shared (just run it through the ticket machine for each person).

If you travel with the T10 one ‘validation’ will work for your entire trip in the city zone – up to 75 minutes, provided you continue the journey (in the metro this means staying below ground as you catch the next metro). One validation will include transfers between metro/bus or bus/metro – but you need to run it through the ticket machines anyhow.

For more information on fares etc regarding the metro, click here.

For more information on Barcelona public transport in general, click here.


You will see the red/white ‘Bicing’ cycles all over Barcelona, unfortunately they are only for the locals. If you want to experience Barcelona by bicycle you need to go find a bicycle-rental place (many of them available). Bicycling can be done along the many bicycle lanes, and on sidewalks wider than 5 meters. Cycling along car lanes is allowed, but caution is needed as the tradition in Barcelona is a partitioning of the traffic.


You will find lots of taxis in Barcelona and pick up directly from the street is easy. Your hotel can also arrange a pick-up. All taxis have meters and fares are regulated (Minimum fee: €7.00). Find here more information on taxi fares.