Guidelines for preparing poster presentations

Recall that:

Papers/extended abstracts will be available on the Internet to registered symposium participants as from 27 October 2017.

No physical posters are required and no physical space will be provided for poster display.

Your poster will be assigned to a posting session during one of the two lunch breaks. Your presence in the assigned posting session is mandatory.

The posting sessions will be moderated and you will have 3 minutes maximum to present the core message of your poster. The moderator may allow specific questions to your poster but may also decide to group the discussion of several posters together.

No screen will be available in the poster sessions, except for your own laptop screen. Symposium participants are expected to have viewed your poster online in advance or to view it on their own laptop during your poster presentation. Be prepared to speak on your poster topic without relying on pointing to any specific content on your poster.

A few guidelines to keep in mind when preparing your poster:

Since symposium participants will view your poster on a computer screen, it may be an advantage to use landscape (= horizontal) orientation.

Use simple backgrounds; do not distract from the message. Aim for clarity and simplicity.

The poster should be understandable without oral explanation.

Use bullets and keep text to a minimum. Be clear and concise in all statements.

Use graphics as much as possible, with clear and short titles and indication of e.g. what is the name and units of graph axes. Do not overload the poster with excessive text and data. Where possible, organise tables and figures chronologically from left to right and from top to bottom.

Make an initial rough layout, keeping in mind the proportions of figures, tables, and text. Proposed sections to be included:

Core message
Introduction & objectives
Materials & methods
Results & discussions
Excessive use of organisation logos/advertisements is not allowed.

Upload your poster before the deadline of 27 October 2017 via the link you will receive later by email. Failure to upload your poster in time may result in cancellation of your presentation.

For the symposium:

If possible, provide handouts of your poster and your own business card. Expect around 15 participants in your poster session.

Should last-minute circumstances prevent you from attending your poster session, you must arrange for a substitute (co-author) to present your paper and you must notify SETAC.